Trump 2020 Election Victory in Michigan Gets a Boost Because Crazy Democrats Act Maliciously

Trump will win the 2020 election because he discovered that the Biden campaign cheated across several states that I’ve termed The Path. The Path was the lefts’ way of cheating in certain spots to win states and Senate seats to fraudulently get Joe Biden a presidency and senate.  The cheating took place in several high-crime shithole areas of swing states.  The Path comprised, it seems, of Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. The Way is President Trump’s path to fighting Biden Fraud and reclaiming these stolen electoral votes. The first step in The Way is to fight for clean, accurate recounts of actual ballots, not just computer records that memorialized local cheating efforts.  The second step of The Way, if the first step does not succeed is to have these states on The Path deny electoral votes due to uncovered fraud.  The third step of The Way is to ram through President Donald J Trump’s win over Biden’s meat suit via a state delegation vote in the House.  This Is The Way.

Yes. And now we’ve had about two weeks of frustration because things have not gone perfectly.  In fact, the Democrats…commie scum that they are…seemed to have wargamed this out a bit.  Their plan…

Their plan was to shame Trump into an early concession.  American Liberal Scum may not be Russians but they do make plans.  Sometimes.  They also telegraph everything they do.  Gee, why was it they wanted Trump to promise to concede in the debates?


Why is it that Tech Censorship has been so insistent and strident to block, dox, and censor those who point out Voter Fraud from the left?


Yeah, I don’t know. Could it be…Cheating?


Ok, ok.  So, the plan was to shame…get it? Shame Trump into conceding early.  You’re gonna shame who now?

So, their plan was to shame Mr. Two Scoops of Ice Cream? Look, I was promised so much winning that I personally would write a letter to President Trump and ask him to tone it down.  Well, I ain’t full yet, son.

Anyway, we have had a lot of set backs.  And to be honest, we’re kind of banking on the fact that Biden CHEATED. That certain states in the Trump Win Column were stolen.  Well, not every GOP member is a Trump.  In fact, that’s how we got Trump.  In fact, most GOP leaders are spineless losers.  Spineless losers who hate the GOP base and really want to be wuuvvved by the leftwing scumbags.  Does any name spring to mind?

Anywho..some interesting news of the good variety.  Michigan is in play.  This Is The Way.

So, this could be a break that we need.

Now let’s see what’s going on here…Michigan democrats threatened Republicans. It’s also happening in Philadelphia, where, you know…they cheated and kicked out Philly poll watchers. In fact, scumbags are threatening Trump’s PA lawyers so much so that they are quitting his campaign.  You may say that’s bad.  I say that’s exhibit 200,001 in the SCOTUS case about leftwing violence, intimidation, and criminality.

Now look, this isn’t the technical dive some want, you can help me understand the numbers and math but I got the gist.

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