Trump Biden Debate Two Preparation What to Watch For

This Thursday will bring the second and final debate between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. There’s a lot of intrigue about this debate as the Commission on Presidential Debates has decided that enough is enough and they will mute the candidates microphones so as to prevent each side from interrupting the other.  In addition, there’s controversy in the subjects being chosen. One may wonder whether the Commission is trying to sandbag the debate to avoid topics that are harmful to one side and helpful to another. As Biden is trying to get elected with an issue free campaign aside from hysterical overreactions to things he and his crazy base imagined that Trump said, limiting debate topics to things that are unhelpful to Biden is essentially stacking the deck.

It turns out that this is indeed the case.  In light of recent Biden scandals, it’s surreal that the CPD would not talk about foreign policy where something like being bought off by China and Russia. Of course, this means that Hunter Biden’s laptop will also not be brought up and we’re sure that the CPD will mute Trump’s microphone if he has the nerve to bring up anything that they consider off topic.  By off-topic, they mean anything that could require Biden talk about things that are meaningful.  The debate topics are:

“Fighting COVID-19,” “American Families,” “Race in America,” “Climate Change,” “National Security” and “Leadership.”

Yes, we get it.

Fighting COVID-19 means that Biden can repeat his ridiculous claims about Trump. Let’s see “injecting bleach”, “Trump knew about covid in mid January and waited until the following week to close off China travel”, while at the same time repeating the opposite point that “trump called covid a hoax”.  What cannot be mentioned is that 200,000 deaths was postulated as a condition for perfect success by Dr. Birx.

No, instead, Joe Biden has made the absurd, science-free claim that Trump’s tweets or, was it his personality, caused every death in America and that every death was preventable.  Wow, that’s pretty insane, even by Joe Biden standards.  But he said these things and he’ll say them again.

What can Trump say about fighting COVID?  You know what he will say since we already had this debate. Vaccines are coming. Operation Warp Speed. Biden said China Travel Ban was hysterical. Trump has not yet made much issue with several blue-states leading America in COVID deaths because they put covid into vulnerable populations in their nursing homes.

Trump has also not really made an issue of the democrats’ hysterical politicization of hydroxychloroquine. He should but I don’t think he will.  But one reason why some countries have no appreciable deaths from Covid are twofold and very simple to understand…well, three fold.

  1. They use HCQ a lot.
  2. They already had a culture of wearing masks in public.
  3. They shutdown travel.  New Zealand, in particular, was quite robust in closing things off.

Politicizing HCQ, even pretending it’s unsafe, has killed thousands.

A final point for Trump to make is that, gee, your liberal rioters sure don’t seem to care about masks or social distancing. Instead, we’ll harp on red states loosening of restrictions and their testing results.  Not their death rates, of course.

But, I guess if your 2020 election campaign is to be issue-free, continuing to harp on a global pandemic and acting as if Trump’s Tweets caused people to die, then you really want to keep pressing on this subject.

Next, is America Families.  This is interesting because the pitfalls here are unknown. I haven’t seen any liberal trial balloons on “American families”.  I suppose Biden will use this opportunity to talk about all the families who’ve lost people because Trump’s tweets caused Covid. I suspect the liberal talking point that people of color are scared to go outside because of the police death squads will be brought up. You know, after 4 months of Biden Riots, we’re supposed to believe that liberals are scared to go outside when they’re the ones looting and rioting.

This leads to Race in America. Whoa, nelly, this is going to be wild. Joe Biden is no stranger to race posturing. He went to a black church as a kid, he fought Corn Pop, and he got his start at Delaware State University, a historically black university you know…All lies. I bet Biden has worked on a response to super-predator Joe from the first debate.  Trump can bring up his let-people-out-of-jail bill he worked on with Kim Kardashian. He should probably bring up his NAACP awards and other things from before he ran for president and instantly got branded a racist, as is the democrat party tradition.

Old pandering Joe probably thinks this is a pretty safe topic for him. Especially since his issue-free election campaign strategy is to focus on hysterical overreactions to things they imagined Trump said…are you sensing a pattern here? So, yes, once again WS will be brought up. Proud boys, Kyle Rittenhouse, Boogaloo boys, and probably Biden will also say that his Biden Rioters are also rightwingers.  Denying the roots of the biden looting maniacs is something he did in the first debate and he’ll do it again.

Next…oh boy…another safe topic for Biden.  Climate Change, eh? So, Biden will again lie that forest fires are caused by higher temperatures in cities, that tornadoes just started happening and that science, sweet brave science, dictates that we tear down buildings to build new ones that will be 5-10% more efficient. The Biden camp figures this is a freebie.  They’ll go off about the Paris Accords. They’ll say Trump denies science of global warming. The problem here is that this is one of those 1% issues that only the lunatic left base cares about.  The actual solutions are unworkable and insane.

The upshot here for Biden is he thinks this is a freebie and the CPD probably thinks so as well. How can Trump turn this to his advantage. Well, gee…ever hear of crazy AOC? Well, Trump will make sure you do.  Maybe Biden will iron out this whole Green New Deal and Fracking revival.

What is interesting is the topic of National Security. The trial balloons are already out there on this.

  1. You know…Our Allies hate Trump.
  2. Trump stopped the Iran Deal which means people can’t trust America.
  3. Let’s revisit what Wray said, that WS is America’s number one threat.
  4. Biden also perpetrated that USMCA and the China Trade Deal were bad things

I think this gives Trump a chance to finally bring up his four Nobel Peace Prize nominations. Can you do that already, big guy. Wait…speaking of Big Guys, Trump might bring up the Hunter laptop revelations without getting muted. We’ll see. What else. Trump killed ISIS, he rebuilt the military, he got NATO to pay their way, and he’s stopping human trafficking.  Good things to talk about.  This may not be the gimmee that Biden and CPD wanted.

Also, you would hope that Trump could bring up Benghazi, and Biden’s role in lying about it, if he got the time to do so.

Also, it looks like Wray, Ratcliffe, and the intel community are battle prepping for this debate by actually suggesting that maybe the bad actors in the world want Biden as president.

Oh, right, Biden is going to bring up QAnon…which as I’ve discussed is a zero issue. If Trump were actually commenting on the message boards, he may actually know what QAnon is…but in reality only those people know what it is and the fakenews seems awfully interested in pretending this is an actual issue.

Finally, there’s Leadership. Biden may feel that hysterical overreactions to things his donors imagined that Trump said would be a winner here but…Trump will point out that Biden’s called a lid nearly every other day during the election. I think that Biden has gotten away with not answering the 3AM phone call question.  Trump will probably mention that Biden has been in politics for 47 years.  But Biden’s imagination is such that he thinks “he the guy who…” got everything done in those 47 years, even though Biden is widely considered to be on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue in that time.

Also, if we’re being honest, Joe Biden has a history of compulsive lying and lashing out at commoners who dare ask him pointed policy questions.  He’s quite the lunatic, if you want to talk about leadership.

But really, this is another chance for Biden to bloviate about Trump’s Tweets and pretend that Trump is the worst person on earth. After all, Trump has never condemned WS and he once said Covid was a hoax while knowing that Covid was the worst thing ever.  I don’t know if rehashing these things will help move the dial either way. Either you think trump’s tweets caused covid or you’re a functional human being who understands how global pandemics work.

What I don’t think we’ll see is the interruptions we saw last time.  This is because the mics will be muted and neither guy wants to make that an issue. Also, while Biden’s first debate performance was mostly donor fan service in insulting Trump, sad lame insults that failed to land and these insults were mercifully ignored by Trump and Wallace, the format may not support that sort of impotent bomb throwing this time.  But who knows, Biden’s strategy may be to piss off Trump to get Trump to start interrupting and to start insulting slow, creepy, basement Joe. In that event, I think Biden once again overestimates his own charm and capability. He may not shit himself on stage because he is naturally adept at just talking into a microphone on auto-pilot (even if that autopilot is only good for about 45 minutes) he may fade. He may stumble. He may forget which son is which again. But Biden is actually the unknown quantity here, he loves interrupting more than Trump, that’s his thing.  You saw his Paul Ryan debate in 2012.

I think that canned, prepared lines of attack are what he’ll go with and they won’t land.  He just doesn’t have it.  Biden may think he’s the Woody Harrelson version seen previously on SNL but he’s at best the Jim Carrey Joe Biden.


As for Trump, the constricted debate format will help focus him.  He wants to speak longer but he should be preparing how to get his message out in under two-minutes. If he is preparing, then this is vital. Know your stuff and get it out.  You know what the Biden team prepped Joe to say and be ready to parry and volley it back.

Things left unsaid. Aside from the 3AM phone call issue from past elections, the debate allows Joe Biden to sidestep gun control. Maybe Trump can wedge this into the American families topic.

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