Trump falls into Biden’s Debate Trap

The first presidential debate for the 2020 election is approaching. Some folks feel that Biden will finally show that lying dog faced corn-pop what’s what, jack! Now, Biden has been in politics for at least 40 years and has had many debates. He could be so good that he can just show up and flail around like he did with Paul Ryan in 2012 and just have the media say he won when all he did was act like an ass for 3 hours.

And then, on the other hand, Trump has bigger things on his mind….

That’s pretty great.  Like a Boss!

Anyway, what likelihood is there that Biden “wins” the debate.  What is winning, really?  Well, that’s the thing, right.  The left is so consumed by anti-trump hate that they can’t conceive of simply being in the same room as Trump and not using it to dunk-on-Trump. I think about when Trump was on Fallon and Fallon didn’t take the opportunity to tell Trump that’s “he’s Voldermort and that he should be ashamed, how dare you sire!”

The whole thing is similar to other crazy lib thoughts, like Will Ferrell shouldn’t have played George W. Bush so likable. Why…that humanized him!  Meanwhile, Tina Fey’s impression of Sara Palin is clearly from a place of hate where every tic is an act of character assassination. Even more so, Trump was supposed to forego diplomacy when he met with Putin and publicly punch a wordleader in the face, treat him like the scum he was…and so on…you get the idea. There is no middle ground, the war is here.

So, ideally, Biden will really nail Trump down and make him admit his sins.  Biden will take apart Trump’s claims of success and make Trump spin out of control…further coarsening our discourse.

That’s the liberal approximation of winning.  They want him slammed. Don’t let them talk that down.

But really…though.  is it?

Will Biden win the debate if he maintains a constant frame throughout with out going all lying dog pony soldier.  No. That may be a “win” in itself but it’s not a win.

So, basically Biden can’t win the debate. He has not prepared enough.  He hasn’t had enough tough questions.  He …from time to time…gets up on stages and spouts inanities. He hasn’t tussled over ideas or even facts in months. He’s had a lid called.  He’s failing the 3AM phone call test.  So, what can he do?  He can barely show up to events and hand questions to poor girls who thought they were there for a reason.  Nothing really, except hope Trump forgets how to speak.

Biden seems to not be doing so well on the extemporaneous side of things:

Can Trump win the debate?  Well, what is it for Trump to win?  Have Biden shit himself and run off the stage…or preferably be led off the stage in the middle of the debate by Dr. Jill “I’m a doctor” Biden?  Yeah, pretty much.  Trump is expected to pummel Biden for his rioters, his inanities, his inability to campaign, and his bad policy ideas.  That’s a lot of work for Trump to do.  So, I’d say a win is probably unlikely. at least on those terms.  Will Trump get the first wives’ club to love him? I don’t know, I think Kamala is Trump’s answer to the first wive club issue.  So…what is the point of the debate. Trump probably can’t get Biden to beshit himself onstage.  The point of the debate is that this is only chunk of airtime on major TV that Republicans get to make their case to the American people.  Trump needs to make clear points about himself and his record.  Biden is a non-issue.  Biden can’t win.  Biden might not even be able to perform.  But the Biden voter is not an “issues” person.  And that’s fine. What Trump needs to do is extend his lead, convince the undecided…the victim of 4+ years of anti-news from the media about Trump.

He needs to make some points:

“Here’s what I did.”

“Here’s how what I did helped you”

There’s two public speaking Trumps…the Queens grandfather comic routine and serious, on-script Trump.  On script Trump needs to show up and talk about himself, which is ironic considered all the smart people think the debate is about winning.

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