Trump’s Debate Prep-Round One

Trump is walking into the lion’s den tonight, facing down a man with 48 years of government experience…nay SERVICE…to our nation. Trump, it was recently revealed is a failed businessman who might not even be that rich, and knowingly used that non-rich-status to pay lower taxes than, well, it’s not clear than what exactly, but darn it, he should have paid more!  Also, Trump hasn’t really been doing that much debate prep while Biden has taken off most of September to debate prep.  That’s impressive. Most presidential candidates have spent their Septembers campaigning, well Hillary didn’t, skipping much of the midwest because…come on…ew.  But for Biden to do this…bold strategy.

So, Trump’s debate prep has been to practice with Giuliani and Chris Christie.  You think those guys have the moxie and raw masculine energy to emulate what it’s like to debate Biden?  I don’t know…


I mean, come on man!

Ok, I’ll get serious.  The worries about Trump is that most incumbent presidents mess up Debate One.  Obama famously did so, Reagan did so. They had to go back to school after getting schooled. Trump had a similar problem in his first debate with Hillary.  She was polished and ready, he was raw and ready to rumble, it worked out but it could’ve been a disaster.  So, first strike against Trump is that he’s probably not that prepared.  He probably thinks that he has this in the bag…he’s done hundreds of China Virus, it’s from China you know, press conferences, and he knows the  administration’s response front and back. Or he thinks he does.

Second, I’m worried that Trump is betting on Biden showing up high on uppers, a loaded depends diaper, and a microphone giving him answers.  Look, Jack, Biden ain’t no slouch when it comes to debates.  He can bluster with the best of them when cornered. You can’t use the other guy’s apparent weakness as your strategy.  Trump had better assume that Joe is going to show up with his $100 smile and slimy charisma..


So, two pitfalls for Trump: overconfidence and assuming he’ll just have to wait for Biden to wander off the stage.

Let’s take a look at the debate topics:

First, Job Performance.

Second, Scotus.

Third, COVID

Fourth, the economy.

Five, Biden Riots.

Six, Integrity of the elections.

Now, here’s the thing about Trump’s debate prep. Aside from everything else I just wrote, Trump’s actual debate preps are his frequent campaign rallies.  On one hand, these are in front of friendly audiences, he doesn’t get cross examined during them, but Trump has extemporaneously touched on all six of these issues frequently.  He should know these issues, his record and policies, and Biden’s idiotic utterances in total.  He should.  Again, overconfidence may come into play but Trump has used his mouth to make sounds that form words on all these issues over and over again.  I won’t roll the tape.  You either know Trump does this or you’re a non-issue anti-trumper that isn’t going to convinced one way or the other.  If you are an undecided…or better phrasing: someone open to be persuaded, then thank you.  But it’s Trump’s job to explain these things to you during the debate because…and let me bold this and make it big:

The Presidential Debates Are the Only Time Republicans Have Unfiltered Access to the Public

That’s a big deal. You do not squander this chance.  Trump has come close in past debates and he may be missing the plot.  But the debates, aside from Candy Crowly, are the only time the republican candidate can say what he wants and make his case without some talking head editorializing that content. 

So, what’s going to happen. First, Trump has an arsenal of things he’s said in the past to choose from.  I’m going to focus on Biden attacks and I’ll speculate on how trump will answer…

On job performance, Biden is going to whip out the fine people hoax…


Trump probably has a response about this and anything else dumb Biden says along the lines of personal attacks.  Here’s where it gets interesting…how testy are these personal attacks on both sides going to be. Biden says a lot of stuff. He said Trump was like Goebbels for saying he’s a commie. Come on, man.  So, this is the where things could get nasty, Biden could end up challenging Trump to push-ups, as is his wont.

Other Biden attacks have been the stupid lie about Trump’s exotic opinion on WWI soldiers (i.e., McCain) that Biden characteristically got all upset about.

Let’s see…what could Trump say about his job performance that Biden won’t talk about…I wonder…


On SCOTUS, Biden might try to make noises about waiting until after election…but akksshually…Obama didn’t wait. He sent down Garland.  So, it’s going to be hard to make a point there, biden.

On COVID, Biden has said A LOT of stupid things.

One, 7000 troops died, jack.  Another time, Biden said that all 200,000 COVID deaths were avoidable if Trump just did something sooner.  This is insane, it’s a global pandemic.  Trump’s pushback, which Biden has to be aware of, is that akkkshually…Trump was an early responder to Covid.  He shut down travel and formed several CDC tasks forces.  This portion almost writes itself based on what Biden has said…he’s flip flopped on a nationwide shutdown and a nationwide mask mandate.  He says he’ll listen to the experts…but what experts?  We know the experts..the WHO for example, downplayed COVID in the early months and even downplayed masks.  It’ll be interesting to see what rhetorical lanes the debate goes down here.

On the economy.  I can’t even.  Trump is going to brag, Biden is going to point out that Covid caused everyone to lose jobs and it’s all Trump’s fault.

On the Biden Riots, Biden is all over the place again.  Biden said he would support the defunders…then he said…askkkshuallly…trump supports defunding, not him, man.

This is an interesting cul de sac Biden has walked himself down.  While his batshit insane rioting supporters clearly want defund, the polls don’t.  Fine, so far so good. So, Biden’s response was to say well, aksshashallly…and this time we’ll use the gif…

…actually…I’m all for spending all the money on cops. Cops everywhere. As long as the money goes to the police unions who endorse me.  This misses the issue on both sides.  Biden doesn’t understand that defund the cops is the lefts’ current call for street thugs to enforce the law…and by that they mean speech codes. You know, beating up people who aren’t democrats or look wrong.  Biden misses the point about his party’s defund movement and actually tries to outdo Trump over he wants to spend more.  What a mess. Way to miss everything.

If trump doesn’t bring up Kamala’s support of bailing out the Biden Rioters, well, then he deserves to lose.

On the integrity of elections, it’s going to be a battle between Trump talking about voter fraud and Biden going full asshole about how no one, ever, has said they wouldn’t step down or concede without a fight, except for al gore.

So, I’ve got dozens of posts about Biden’s haymakers he’s throwing and will throw, he’s obviously going to repeat this stuff. He hasn’t left the basement so he hasn’t really been polishing these turds too well.  I have to say, going through these topics, I’m pretty confident they’re all in Trump’s wheelhouse.  It’s up to him to not use the debate to attack Biden but to sell himself to the persuadables. So, I’d say, leave the pro-wrestling walk in for debate 2…you know, with acceptable social distancing.

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