Trump’s Election Nightmare Scenario as Biden Cheats and Censors Way Closer To Losing With Dignity

2020’s Presidential Election has taken place and who, boy, it’s a mess. Biden seems to have closed within Trump, being on the path that has been defined for his road to 270 electoral votes.  It’s a narrow road and it requires that Biden win everything else. How he wins everything else after losing Florida and Pennsylvania seems hard to say.  Either way, the election didn’t go as either side predicted. The left predicted a landslide which didn’t occur. I predicted that Biden’s “generic democrat” campaign wouldn’t bring out the vote.  Well, it did.   Some blame Trump for not having a perfect debate.

While the blame for Trump not debating well may be true. I saw it the opposite way that we gop’ers were searching for trump to give message perfection…the old dnc losing line, “we just didn’t verbalize it enough” thing.

Who knows, the biden turnout is shocking. He’s “generic democrat, creepy male” and he outperformed his non campaign. Trump was outspent but he outworked Biden.

I had a creeping horror earlier last month that maybe Trump rallies don’t actually help him. But the problem is, what would, is tech/media censorship just too powerful.

It being 2020, we are worried about Arizona…and now we’re getting SharpieGate.

So, the word on the street is that Sharpies somehow don’t get scanned. So, any Arizona recount could be crazy.

Also…what the fuck Michigan…don’t scare us like that.

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