Two Department of State Heroes Helpfully Explain Why Trump is Bad

While most clear thinking, rational, educated, well-groomed individuals know that there is no other issue in America beyond Trump=Orange=Bad, it’s helpful that educated, professionals come in an explain away certain bad facts that those awful Trump people tend to talk about.  Sure, your evil uncle may point out that Trump has been nominated for two Nobel Prizes, for peace in the Middle East and in Kosovo, and that he nearly got a third one for his work with the two Koreas.  But that’s nonsense.  Trump is committing permanent deep uncorrectable damage to the state department, and that is all that really matters.

Here, William J Burns and Linda Thomas-Greenfield explain why Trump is bad, Orange is bad, and Bad is bad.

You can’t argue with people with this level of credentials.  I mean come on…

WILLIAM J. BURNS is President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He was U.S. Deputy Secretary of State from 2011 to 2014.

LINDA THOMAS-GREENFIELD is Senior Vice President at the Albright Stonebridge Group. She was U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs from 2013 to 2017.

They served as Co-Chairs of the Council on Foreign Relations Study Group on Revitalizing the State Department and American Diplomacy.

Source: The Transformation of Diplomacy | Foreign Affairs

I mean, when you think about the zenith of State Department credibility, you surely think of a guy who served at State during the Beghazi tragedy or when both co-writers sat through the rise of ISIS.  About that…anyone remember ISIS? I doth think Trump should be getting that fourth Nobel Prize…

So, clearly, when you ignore that William J Burns and Linda Thomas-Greenfield presided over the rise of ISIS, Benghazi, no peace in the middle east or in Kosovo or with the two Koreas…or when Obama was dumping a planeload of cash to help Iran become a nuclear power so as to “stabilize” the middle east by becoming the local anti-American hegemony…their credentials are tight AF.

After all, William J. Burns was in 1994 most promising swamp bureaucrat under 40…and boy has he filled out those promises.  Linda was ambassador to Liberia, which is about as important as you can get.  Anyway, we can point out the various professional failings and puffery that these two have added to their resumes.  But sure, I’m not an ambassador to nothing and neither are you. Of course, I didn’t cause the rise of ISIS or the Islamic Brotherhood while destabilizing Libya for no fucking reason.  Let’s make fun of their article as to why big meanie Trump can’t just bluster his way into something, what with two Nobel Peace Prize nominations and two smoking scoops of Ice Cream…

Anyway…what do these swampies have to say…will it be interesting?  Will there be resume puffing?  Will there be some sort of standard of comparison that is so convoluted that any criticism against that standard is meaningless.  yes.

So first we start up with the puffery…

We joined the U.S. Foreign Service nearly 40 years ago in the same entering class, but we took very different paths to get there. One of us grew up amid hardship and segregation in the Deep South, the first in her family to graduate from high school, a Black woman joining a profession that was still very male and very pale.

Source: The Transformation of Diplomacy | Foreign Affairs

Oh Jesus Christ, really?


So, anyway, Trump totally started picking on selfless folks who have resumes.

The Trump administration also learned early on that people matter, and so it made them the primary target of what the White House aide Steve Bannon termed “the deconstruction of the administrative state.” That is what has made the administration’s demolition of the State Department and so many other government institutions so effective and ruinous.

Source: The Transformation of Diplomacy | Foreign Affairs

Yup, Trump targeted the deep state. They fought back you know.  Right?  We know that the deep state was on display during the Democrats’ incredibly lame impeachment. You may say that LTC Vindeman or Hunter Biden are not illuminaries of the deep Dept of State like William J Burns and Linda Thomas-Greenfield but the Trump admin has been plugging leaks and stopping witch hunts for almost 4 years now.  The bad blood that greeted Trump is too numinous to explain.  You can start with the big picture, folks tapping his phones to foreign “allies” trying to entrap his volunteers to FBI agents gleefully SWAT raiding his allies for minor charges. Do we have to go down the rabbit hole here?

So, you get it. People with resumes…not a diversity hire among them…have been forced to leave their sinecures at the State Department, just because some guy became president. These people, of course, are irreplaceable. You know, aside from failing at peace and betraying America…the State Department needs these people for their expertise.

Let’s also note the ominous tone.  You’d think William J Burns and Linda Thomas-Greenfield were talking about villagers approaching Dr. Frankenstein’s castle with pitchforks and torches.

Tapping into popular distrust of expertise and public institutions, President Donald Trump has made career public servants—government meteorologists, public health specialists, law enforcement professionals, career diplomats—convenient targets in the culture wars.

Source: The Transformation of Diplomacy | Foreign Affairs 

Oh my God, they actually say it.  They actually name drop working with Iran on nuclear weapons.  They actually bemoan lying about the president to support his impeachment affected their careers.  This is pretty ballsy.  This isn’t the sort of stuff you just sweep under the rug.  You can’t just pretend pre-Trump Dept State dealings with Iran were aboveboard, and you sure as hell can’t pretend that conspiring to impeach the president with Adam Schiff to hide Hunter Biden’s improper contacts with Russia and China wouldn’t be noticed.

In Washington, career public servants who worked on controversial issues during the Obama administration, such as the Iran nuclear negotiations, have been smeared and attacked, their careers derailed. Colleagues who upheld their constitutional oaths during the Ukraine impeachment saga were maligned and abandoned by their own leadership.

Source: The Transformation of Diplomacy | Foreign Affairs

yeah, sure. the trash is gettin’ taken out.  buh bye.

Right, about Hunter Biden…I wonder if I can question the timing...

Hmm…I wonder if either of William J Burns and Linda Thomas-Greenfield had any contact with these people.

Anyway, what else do these two complain about other than the fact that people with resumes got into very public battles with the current administration and lost those battles and now have to repair typewriters for a living?

Not surprisingly, the Foreign Service has experienced the biggest drop in applications in more than a decade. Painfully slow progress on recruiting a more diverse workforce has slid into reverse. It is a depressing fact that today only four of the 189 U.S. ambassadors abroad are Black—hardly a convincing recruiting pitch for woefully underrepresented communities.

Source: The Transformation of Diplomacy | Foreign Affairs

So…it’s hard to recruit. huh?  Also, the Dept of State is racist … now…or something.  Also, let’s forget about that whole Benghazi thing where the previous admin left an ambassador to die.  That helps recruitment.

Here it is, some bizarre statement with no actual quantifiable meaning…

U.S. diplomacy is badly broken. But it is not beyond repair, at least not yet. What is needed now is a great renewal of diplomatic capacity, an effort that balances ambition with the limits of the possible at a moment of growing difficulties at home and abroad.

Source: The Transformation of Diplomacy | Foreign Affairs

Yup…diplomacy is broke…except for all the Nobel Peace Prizes and shit.  The solution, we need to renew capacity and ambition, or something.  you know, the thing.

Oh…we’ll get right on that.

Anyway, is there a light at the end of the tunnel?  I’ll skip over the part where they blame 9-11 anti-terror efforts for making the State Department more terror focused, although there was a very real belief in the State Dept that “shit holes” could become America.  It’s there if you read it.  Anyway, can America survive?  No.  Sorry folks, China ate our lunch..or er …bats.

The contours of a new agenda for diplomatic reform have to flow from a sensible reinvention of the United States’ role in the world. The restoration of American hegemony is not in the cards, given China’s rise and the diffusion of global power. Retrenchment is similarly illusory, since the United States cannot insulate itself from outside challenges that matter enormously to its domestic health and security

Source: The Transformation of Diplomacy | Foreign Affairs

well, gee folks. nothing to do now but seek rent from our new overlords.

And then, there’s about 2000 words of advertising for William J Burns and Linda Thomas-Greenfield’s consulting services.  Wow, you might want to read it to believe it…”hire more people” and “invest [with us] smarter”.  Let’s see, this is the part of the article where I think William J Burns and Linda Thomas-Greenfield just assume the reader will drop off, happily smug and patting themselves on the back for not being mean like Trump who is orange and bad.  Is there anything towards the end?

It ends with stuff not even worth reposting.

The new admin, hint hint, should do things.

Let’s pass some laws to make sure we hire more girl power ambassadors.  I don’t know.

And then a resume reinforcement.  Hey man, they’ve done things.  Like ignore Rwandan genocide for the Clintons.  Wow.  Strong outro.

all in all, just more pablum for progs.


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