Who is Jo Jorgensen

Who is Jo Jorgensen and what does she stand for. Is Jo Jorgensen even a libertarian. How many votes will Jo Jorgensen siphon off of President Trump.  These are all questions that might have some importance to the 2020 election.  In the 2016 election, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson somehow got 4,500,000 votes. That’s…a lot.  In the 2004 election, the Libertarian Candidate got about 400,000.  So what we had in 2016 was a lack of Libertarian confidence in Trump.

Back in 2016, Trump was a lot of things, depending on your world view. A lot of Republicans saw him as their last shot, maybe a vote-if nothing at all-at preventing a complete realignment of the Supreme Court to the hard lunatic left for decades.  Some folks held their nose and voted while others didn’t because Trump was a vile monster, don’t you know…a monster who was really a democrat anyway.  And then you can see for yourselves the absolute lunacy of the actual democrat mind where Trump was just, you know, Hitler or Voldermorts…or…well, the liberal mind’s possession of example sort of fades away at that point, there being only 2 references they have to work with.

And if you’re wondering, Hillary in 2016 was also a monster who was hated by the more swayable members of the DNC.  These nice folks gave Dr. Jill Stein about 1.5 million votes.  So, if you’re doing the math, the Libertarians spotted Hillary about 3,000,000 votes in the fabled popular vote.

So, it’s kind of important to know who Jo Jorgaborgashmorgasen is.

First of all, she’s all about the Biden Looting Marauders. 

I mean, to me, someone who supports the Biden Riots when not even Joe is supporting his looters anymore, is kind of a big deal.  I don’t think the average Libertarian is pro-looting.  Forcing people to do their socialist power sign as an act of submission/domination is also not very libertarian…small or big L.

So, it’s important to know.  Now, blm has some exotic beliefs, beliefs that were so toxic and unAmerican that they scrubbed them from their website.  To review, white racism is: being on time, saying pull yourself up by your bootstraps, saying law and order, patriotism, nuclear families, capitalism, just basically every facet of society, not just American society but all functional societies, is subject to being considered evidence of, if not a crime itself, of white badness.  So, when they say racism is inherent on your part, not theirs of course, they mean it. Everything you held dear and normal up until about 9 months ago is forbidden. Just some random tweets:

There’s the corporate HR “white fragility” scam where you are evil to your very essence.

If your category is “white,” bad news: you have no identity apart from your participation in white supremacy (“Anti-blackness is foundational to our very identities… Whiteness has always been predicated on blackness”), which naturally means “a positive white identity is an impossible goal.”

Source: On “White Fragility” – Reporting by Matt Taibbi

There’s the CRT training manuals that have been unearthed…you are evil, your country is evil…

In sessions 10 and 11, the trainers will teach CDC employees that they must “target” and destroy the values of “focus on the individual,” the “myth of meritocracy,” the “myth of American exceptionalism,” and “White supremacist ideology.” This is textbook critical race theory.

Source: CDC Violates Presidential Order with critical race theory training program – Christopher F. Rufo

So, yeah, no thanks, Ms. small-L Libertarian candidate.

What else can we find out about Jo?

Yup, Open Borders Nutjob

So, jo -small l- will eliminate ICE.  The typical globalist position of the extremist Libertarian.  This is directly opposite of so many Libertarian’s actual feelings on the matter, it has to be highlighted.

something something environment

Now, we all love the air we breathe and so on but there’s a certain Green-New-Dealyness about Jo’s position on Fossil Fuels.

So, while Biden is trying to pretend he’s not banning fracking, Jo is somewhere else.

So I don’t think Jo is a good protest vote this time around, I don’t even think she’s anything other than a hard left vote this time around.


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