Why is Facebook Twitter and Google Censoring the News about Corrupt Joe Biden

You may remember there was once a newspaper called the New York Post, well, twitter decided to lock their account after they broke the story about what was on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Hunter Biden’s laptop contained a bit of information around why he was getting paid big bucks by various foreign interests. Duh, it turns out, he was peddling influence and was acting a the go-between between foreigner’s money and Joe Biden’s pockets.  That’s news enough. Of course, the media doesn’t want to hurt the democrat candidate and won’t actually cover this. It was the same thing with the Clinton Foundation.  The Clintons are a little smarter than Sleepy Joe so they actually weaponized their influence in a way that seems legal and is harder to discredit.  They ran a charity.  The charity put about 2% or whatever into the actual charity and the rest into Clinton pockets.  At least if you wanted a gold mine opened in Haiti or over-ruling Obama rules on the Keystone pipeline, your donations got results.

But 2020 is an issue free election.  Most of the debates focused on global warming.  And “The vid”.  It’s as if they really just wanted to run out the clock, and follow me here, because the media, big tech, and biden are the same person…


One thing the media and the left learned in 2016 was that Trump won based purely on issues. Sure, Hillary was great, they presupposed, but Trump actually talked about issues like gun control, immigration, China, and foreign affairs. Hillary talked about how Trump is meanie who is racist. This time around, there are no issues being discussed that people talk about.  This is the same kind of censorship from the media. I like to think I have my pulse on things and I can tell you that I have no idea what the number one issues are this election.  I can tell you it’s not global warming. And covid is an issue in as much as we’re all done with it. The left has politicized covid every step of the way as we slogged through 2020 though. This politicization means we already have opinions on it. Either you believe that 200,000 dead from a global pandemic is a success or murder. It won’t shock you to know that the shrieking hysterics think that trump’s tweets murdered people.  And you won’t be shocked to find out that these shrieking hysterics politicized hydroxy chloroquine, the only reasonable protection from the vid. So yeah, they have blood on their hands. Of course, the flu kills several dozen thousand a year, so it’s not as deaths from a virus are unknown to the world…

So now, the NY Post is off twitter.

Anyway…the upshot of vid politicization is that Trump’s supporters are openly tired of it and the maks and want to get back to work. Biden supporters are apparently ready to burrow into the ground and hibernate until we cure the common cold. I am sure this plan sounds unappetizing to the normals.  So, it’s an issue. We’d like to know what’s going on but we also hate hysterical people.

Aside from the vid, there’s really nothing of consequence. In a similar vein, the distraction effort on the biden riots started once they started polling badly. Now, for the common person, it’s impossible to know what is going on, why there are riots from moderate leftists and centrists democrats.  We can’t even get the slimy Biden campaign to admit who these people are.  They say it’s right wingers burning the cities.  To support this, they point to Kyle Rittenhouse, who was, according to my notes, protecting property from the biden rioters.

Instead, the media and the Biden campaign settled on the fine people hoax. Again, the strategy is hysterical overreaction to things they imagined trump said.

But saying trump is a racist is baked the election cycle pie. Yeah, duh, in every election the DNC calls the Republican racist.


So, what else do you have, democrat? “trump is bad”?  Hillary tried that. No, wait…what? 2020 is Hillary plus “Trump is really bad

So to make this happen we have full on censorship. Tw, G, FB are outright hacking our democracy by refusing to talk about Biden’s crazy past, Biden’s lies, Immigration, China, Gun-Rights, or even how various blue state governors killed thousands by putting covid patients into nursing homes.  You know the drill…


So, if we can’t talk about Biden, and we sure as hell can’t make fun of Biden, and we aren’t even talking about Biden’s fondness for the ladies…

Polite society also doesn’t mention Joe can’t remember good.

Now we also can’t talk about democrats gun grabbing, democrat voter fraud, democrat collusion with China, Russia, Ukraine, and Iran, or even talk about immigration, what do they think we think this election is about?

Apparently, we can talk about the polls.  Yeah, the same polls that have had Trump at -10% since 2015 and on election day 2016 are still saying the same thing, duh.

yes, the polls show that Biden is more popular than George Washington and Ronald Reagan….So sure, the polls are news, as long as you don’t talk about the new GOP voter registration edge.

you know what we did not expect to come out of the 2020 election cycle? Rappers for Trump. Apparently, giving away your cash is not acceptable to them.

It’s funny, the thermal exhaust port on the lefts’ monopoly of news, infotainment, and clickbait is celebrity gossip.  And thus, anti-Biden news still gets out.

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